MiliOn 200 USB LED bike light

One-Piece Design LED Bicycle Light with USB Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery for multi-purpose users.

  • All-in-one design
    • No wires or external batteries
    • Only 130 grams total w/ internal battery
    • Durable Aluminum alloy bezel
    • Weather tight design ensures all condition use

  • High-Brightness LED Technology
    • H.B. LED provides maximum brightness and efficiency
    • H.B. LED durability eliminates bulb replacement
    • White beam color resembles daylight

  • Quick Release Li-Ion battery
    • Internal rechargeable Li-Ion battery
    • Quick Release Li-Ion battery allows on-the-fly battery change for endurance rides

  • USB Rechargeable
    • Charges from the USB port of a computer or an electrical outlet

  • Smart Charging
    • Dual color charging status Indicator eliminates charge time guesswork
    • Smart charging ensures longer battery life
    • Wall charger compatible with 100 to 240 volts, for use worldwide

  • Control button
    • Conveniently located on top of light for easy access
    • Integrated Battery low warning light

  • 3 Lighting modes
    • High – Low - Daylight Flash

  • Precision Optics
    • Ensures maximum light output and even dispersion

  • Mounting options
    • Quick release handlebar mount (fits 25.4-31.8mm handlebars)
    • Quick release helmet mount (MiliOn 200 only)

  • For Greener Environment
    • One rechargeable battery saves the environment from hundreds of disposable batteries
MiliOn Specification Chart
MiliOn 200
MiliOn 150
LED Output (Lumens)
Light Modes
Daylight Flashing
Daylight Flashing
Run Time
3 hours
3 hours
Run Time
6 hours
6 hours
System Weight
130 grams
130 grams
Charge Time
5 hours*
5 hours*
Handlebar & Helmet mounts
Handlebar mount

* Charge times dependent on computer or wall charger
1 light + 1 battery =OnePiece = MiliOn
For riders that want a light to be used off road but small enough for commuting, your wait is over.

The MiliOn 200 is the top of the line for the MiliOn series, incorporating a powerful High-Brightness LEDs with a Quick Release USB rechargeable Li-Ion battery into a one piece design. It shares the same features of the standard Milion 150 like 3 brightness modes and battery indicators but it also has more light output as well as both handlebar and helmet mounts. With 200 lumens of light weighing a scant 130 grams on your bike or helmet, this versatile light will shine through any road or trail.