Trion600 LED Li-Ion bike light

Rechargeable High-Brightness LED Bicycle Light in One Compact Unit, perfect for the avid road and mountain bikers.

HID Bright, LED Tough, Wireless Power, One Compact Design. It’s all here – brilliance, toughness and wireless power – in one compact unit. It’s the Trion 600 and it’s the first top of the line LED bicycle lighting system with HID brilliance that fits completely in the palm of your hands. No more wires or external batteries to strap to the bike. Just attach the weatherproof Trion 600 to the handlebar and you’re ready to go. With the powerful built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery firing up the three tough LEDs, the Trion 600 lights up the night. It’s the perfect choice for the avid road and mountain bikers.

  • LED output equivalent to HID (600 lumens)
  • Compact Wireless Power Design
  • 3rd Generation High-Brightness LEDs
  • Complete weatherproof construction
  • 50,000 hour LED bulb life
  • Built In High-Capacity Li-Ion battery
  • External battery compatible for additional run time.
  • 8 total brightness / flashing settings:
    (Click Here for Demo Page)
    • Brightness - Bicycling Modes: High – Mid High – Mid Low – Low
    • Flashing – Special Modes: Fast flash – Slow Flash – Walking – SOS
  • 3 Stage battery level indicator
  • 3.7 hour Rapid Smart charger (100-240 volt)
  • Quick release handlebar mount fits oversized and standard handlebars(25.4 – 31.8mm diameters)
Trion600 Specification Chart
LED Output (Lumens)
600 lumens
Bicycle /
Special Lighting Modes
4 / 4
Run Time
2.5 hours
Run Time
12 hours
System Weight
230 grams
Charge Time
Smart 3.7 hours