Expilion 600 USB - Road Bike Action (January 2013)

"At only about 5 lumens per dollar, the Expilion is the best value in our comparison... it's super bright and very user friendly, with a single button controlling the entire light and a battery snapping out with a quick turn of the dial."

HotShot Tail Light - Bicycles Community Blog featured on Gizmodo (March 2012)

"In all of the categories of data measured, the Hotshot prevailed. It's the brightest, has the longest-lasting battery, has the most flash pattern options (which you can even configure yourself)..."

Centauri-1000 OSP - Mountain Bike Action (June 2011)

"Centauri-1000 sits at the top of the Cygolite heap and is intended for riders who doesn't let a little thing like darkness slow him down."

Trion 600 - Mountain Bike Action (January 2009)

"We recently tested the Cygolite TridenX light (December "Thrash Tests") and it looks like the $399 Trion 600 might trump it with a built-in battery and the ability to use external batteries for additional burn hours...Can't wait to get one of these on the bar."
Trion 600 is chosen as "Best of the Best: '09 Interbike SHOW & TELL" by Mountain Bike Action magazine.

TridenX LED Li-Ion - Mountain Bike Action (December 2008)

"The light bathes the trail in a beautiful white light...the illumination is excellent...This light's small size, light weight and powerful beam make it a great choice for endurance racers as well as serious nighttime trail riders."

TridenX LED Li-Ion - Dirt Rag (Issue #136)

"Besides the impressive width, there is enough depth to light up the ground in front of my wheel and far enough down the trail to allow me to open it up on descents...The $349 price tag puts it squarely in the high-end range, but the light output and weight are comparable to or better than lights at a similar price range. The TridenX has enough light for riders looking to race or ride at high rates of speed in the dark."

TridenX LED Li-Ion - Bike

"The three-bulb TridenX uses reflectors to throw out a broad swath of light and is powered from a ridiculously small lithium-ion battery. Helmet and handlebar mounts come included, a battery-life indicator lets you know where you stand, and a smart charger tops off dead batteries in 3.7 hours. Total system weight is 295 grams."

DualCross (Original) - Bicycling

"LEDs conserve energy and increase bulb life (up to 100,000 hours), but they tend to have a narrowly focused light pattern. Cygolite overcomes some of this tendency with the DualCross by crossing the dual LED beams (hence the name) to create a bigger splash of light...Light quantity and quality are excellent for a light in this price range...."

Mountain Bike Action

"Light Up the Night-Special section reviews 80 bicycle light systems and CygoLite dominates the rechargeable lighting systems for under $100. "Better batteries, brighter bulbs and longer run-times."


"A good price for a serious dual-beam system [Night- Explorer]. Includes flood beam or a spot beam for faster, open riding. Compact, single-body design (both lights in one body) eliminates individual adjustments."


"With five hours of running time and 16.3 watts of power, the Night-Rover Extra makes a great commuting and off-road light setup. At $70, the adjustable dual- beam system is competitively priced for night-riding enthusiasts."

Mountain Bike Action

"CygoLite is an MBA favorite because it offers just the right amount of light to get the job done."


"A dual beam that won't break the bank." "For 60 clams you get an elegant, simple-to-use, 12.5- watt dual-beam rechargeable light that looks like it should cost twice as much."

Mountain Bike Action

"At a suggested retail price of $99, it's hard to over look the CygoLite Night Explorer. It oozes features." "CygoLite's Night-Explorer is a cool system at a great price." "This system [Night-Explorer] proves that price can no longer be used as an excuse not to ride at night."


"One of the most affordable rechargeable high-powered (12.5 watts) halogen lights on the market, the Night-Rover is difficult to criticize." "CygoLite's Night-Rover priced at $60, you get a lot of light for the buck."

Women's Cycling

"But if you often commute or train after dark, or you want to take a stab at a 24-hour endurance event, you need serious lights. Affordable and effective, the CygoLite SB-30 is a 30-watt halogen system with independently switched and aimed 10-and-20-watt lamps powered by a rechargeable lead acid gel-cell battery...All in all, a great light."


"We found the CygoLite's beam excellent, wide and even, with no shadows or distracting features-great for singletrack or road."

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